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Great and Precious Promises: Looking Up When Feeling Down
In this book we are encouraged to constantly feed on God’s Word in order to utilize its tremendous power in our lives. Readers will delve into His Word, looking at some of the many promises that He has made to us; remembering His Words in 2nd Corinthians 1:20: “For all the promises of God in Him are yea, and in Him Amen, unto the glory of God by us.” 


As Believers, when we are hit by something unexpectedly, it's as if we numb or tranquilize the word of God in us so that the Comforter cannot come to our rescue. This is what lack of faith is, not believing in the word of God and His promises for the Comforter to transcend reality and transform it into the supernatural! God can and God will. God wants to but we prohibit Him through lack of faith.

In another spiritually well-written 10 Week Bible Study and guide, Dr. Daisy Daggett Buckner invites you to "Look Up When Feeling Down." She wants you to "Remember the Precious Promises of God" so they are there to serve you in your greatest times of need.

Glory to God! Thank you, dear friend, Daisy Buckner. God's continued blessings upon you and your husband at Buckner Christian Books."
                                                                                                                  - Avis Ward

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 Great and Precious Promises Journal
This is a companion journal to the book, “GREAT AND PRECIOUS PROMISES, Looking Up When Feeling Down: Ten Weeks of Personal Study.” It contains reflections from the book combined with inspirational Scriptures for daily meditation. In this Journal you will record your personal thoughts and insights as you meditate on the Scriptures each day. You will find joy, encouragement, peace and hope as you meditate on the great promises of God. As you seek God daily, He will show you great and mighty things that you do not know (Jeremiah 33:3). 
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Paperback : $15.00      

This book encourages Christians who may be struggling in the current economy. Even those who are not in the midst of a struggle will find this book to be very uplifting. In this remarkable book, the authors stress that many Christians are living significantly below their privilege of being a member of the "Royal Priesthood." The authors say: "Many Christians live as if Christ came, died and was resurrected, and said, 'I've done My part, I've given you eternal life, you are on your own now, do the best that you can, and I'll see you in Heaven.'" The book is subtitled "Living the Believer's Life of Privilege: Ten Weeks of Personal Study" and points believers to the Scriptures that speak of God's presence with them in this journey, so that the Scriptures can encourage believers. The authors draw on their collective teaching experiences by making this book a systematic teaching tool that facilitates learning and daily applications.

REVIEW- "LOADED WITH BENEFITS is a practical, workable, guide for life, filled with spiritual references, and is a resource that is very easy to use. It is very inspirational and is a hope builder, with a biblical approach to solving personal and professional dilemmas. It is a step-by-step teaching tool that makes for easy learning and easy daily applications." – Reverend Stoney Daggett, STD, DD, Pastor, Bethel A.M.E. Church, Kennett Square, PA
REVIEW-"Empowering! Inspirational! Informative! A must read book for any born-again believer who wishes to enrich his/her walk with God! The book LOADED WITH BENEFITS is a very powerful tool, which will help equip any believer to walk in the fullness of God." – Reverend Angela D. Jackson, ThA, New Hope Christian Fellowship Ministries, Marietta, GA

REVIEW-"LOADED WITH BENEFITS is a very powerful and doctrinally sound book for the believer on living the victorious Christian life." –Reverend Frank Lewis, ThD, Pastor, Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Roswell, GA

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Paperback: $12.00    

This is a companion journal to the book “LOADED WITH BENEFITS, Living the Believer’s Life of Privilege: Ten Weeks of Personal Study” (ISBN 978-0-557-04460-3). It contains reflections from the book combined with inspirational Scriptures for daily meditation. In this journal you will record your personal thoughts and insights as you meditate on the Scriptures each day, finding joy, peace and hope, as you reap the “benefits” of God’s favor on your life. You will be encouraged daily as God shows you great and mighty things from His Word.


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This book of religious poetry is designed to help the reader embrace and remember some of the promises made to Christians by God in His Word. The promises are personalized just for the reader and are very uplifting and encouraging.                                                       

REVIEW- “Daisy Buckner shares in WONDROUS THINGS, inspirations from the Author Holy Spirit, through her heart, to her heavenly Father, and now to us. As you read her gifts, look for the Spirit that gives life, Who is Jesus Christ. Look for Him concealed in the shadow of the Old Testament. Get a revelation of your inheritance from Him and how much He loves you. He thinks you are really the greatest.” -Melba Darthard, Teacher of the Gospel of the Grace of God, Roswell, GA

REVIEW- “Once again, Daisy Buckner has given us another thought provoking literary Christian work.  As I read, I was encouraged and challenged to reflect on the faithfulness of God to the promises given in His Word. This book is a must read for all who desire to envision ‘Wondrous Things’ of God while traveling along this life's journey. Certainly, WONDROUS THINGS is a valuable resource to have in any library.”-Shannon Wise, Church Librarian, Lilburn, GA

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